Collecting and litigating can present many problems. A multiplicity of requirements in each of the hundred or more jurisdictions around the world mean it is impossible to manage risk efficiently and expertly from a single location – there is no substitute for local knowledge. MIRA INFORM provides expertise in the ever improving legal system, rules of enforcement, customs and practices which eliminate risk and create a level playing field upon which to trade.

MIRA INFORM collections has a commitment to being at the forefront of technology ensuring that we utilise that advantage to enhance the efforts of our qualified team of nearly 140 people. MIRA INFORM Collections division operates in the field of debt collection through an in-house investigative structure and a consolidated information network. Over the years, we have developed an operational method which is aimed at eliminating the problems traditionally associated with debt collection. MIRA INFORM Collections offers qualitative debt collection worldwide through our consolidated network of qualified and successful partners both for debt collection and for retrieval of debtor financial information where legal action is envisaged.

Why choose MIRA INFORM collections ?

  • No collections, No fees
  • Lowest commission rates in the industry on successful cases
  • 37 years of experience in Credit Management Services
  • High level of professionalism of our in-house debt collection team
  • Safeguards the image and good reputation of our clients
  • Swift conclusion to debt collection cases entrusted to us
  • The possibility of writing off bad debts on the issuing of appropriate documentation
  • Savings on legal expenses, if you proceed to legal action for the recovery of debt


We are professional, ethical and cost effective. OUR COSTS WOULD BE SURELY LESS THAN OUR FRIENDLY COMPETITORS. We have vast experience in the Indian legal system and high success rate in amicable recovery. Having accumulated vast experience of nearly 4 decades, we are proud to be recognised as one of the most professional companies in the industry. Our advisory panel consists of senior lawyers who are practicing in the various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India and have specialised in various branches of law.

The financial health of any company is undoubtedly vital for any enterprise right from a ‘start-up’ to ‘large enterprise’. Mira Inform has nearly 40 years of vast experience in collecting and disseminating credit information which really helps, here. Negotiating a debt settlement, resolving a contractual dispute demands high degree of knowledge, skills and expertise. Our Debt Recovery System is efficient and cost-effective – lowest in the industry. We follow proven principals of negotiations. Keeping a close contact with the debtor, we are able to evaluate genuine cash flow problems and stalling excuses for non-payment. We recognise that no two debtors can be identical nor can their circumstances therefore we negotiate with them according to the facts and their circumstances. Our debt recovery department provides a quick, focused and workable solutions with high rate of success.

Whilst, we maintain a high success rate with amicable recoveries but if necessary, we have the ability to initiate legal action through to a successful conclusion – via the court, thanks to network of lawyers which provides for preferential services and rates.


This is a generalised list of the debt collection process. Before reviewing this process here are a few points to consider :

  1. All claims are somewhat unique and may not necessarily follow this pattern. On receipt of claim, we investigate financial strength and capability of the debtors based on our vast experience of almost 4 decades.
  2. Time frames are purposefully omitted because of the uniqueness and handling of each claim.
  3. Not included in this list is the fact that at any point in the collection process the debtor may pay or otherwise satisfy the debt.
  4. We can accommodate special handling requests.
  5. We provide timely updates on claims as there are developments.
  6. With regard to payment – when the payment is received by the client directly, the client notifies us immediately and we send them an invoice for our commission. We always insist debtors to make payments in client’s account.
  7. All claims are handled in accordance with the fair practices in the industry.

The DEBT COLLECTION PROCESS : Steps for Debt Recovery

  • Account is placed for debt collection
  • Client send information on the debt including supporting documentation.
  • Claim is reviewed and the data is entered into our debt collection program.
  • Demand letter is sent to debtor via fax, mail and email and an acknowledgement letter is sent to the Client. Phone contacts begin.
  • We attempt to arrange payment, resolve any disputes and obtain clear commitments on debt resolution.
  • If we obtain payment commitment, we work to ensure the payment(s) materialise.
  • If debtor fails to cooperate in resolving the debt, we make final pre-legal collection attempts.
  • We send our update and recommendations to the Client including details on forwarding claim to affiliated attorneys.
  • The Client authorises forwarding the claim and we send it to our affiliated attorneys that are located near the debtor.
  • Attorney sends update and recommendations, if they recommend initiating legal action, they will provide us with their suit requirements.
  • When we receive suit requirements from the Client, the lawsuit is prepared and filed.
  • The complaint is served. Continue to update about the status of legal action and recovery.