Market Overview

A market overview is a brief synopsis of a commercial or industrial market. Its aim is to provide a current snapshot of a market in order to better understand it’s key features. These summary reports profile the important criteria of a market so as to inform further marketing activity.

Market data for an overview is collected from many sources including Government (Department of Commerce/Census/International Trade, etc.) Trade & Industry Association, Market Publications, Industry Analysis, Individual Companies, State Economic Development Agencies, Port Authorities, Information Brokers and other organisations.

Market overviews are organized by standard topics, highlighted or adapted with custom information. On the basis of an overview decisions could be made on whether and how to approach companies in that market, as well as understand the context of that market/industry within the economy as a whole.

Standard topics include
1 Size of Market

Domestic production and overall volume and value, number of companies in the market, geographical market, concentrations, percentage of worldwide market and any other data to help and define market size.

2 Profile Market

Profile size of companies in the market, which segment dominates the market and why, how Indian market is, leading customer, market served and other market distinguishing features.

3 Market Trends

What trends are most dominant in the market (Consolidation, Growth, New Technology, Foreign Entry, International Expansion, New Regulations, Government Spending, Research and Development Growth, New Applications, etc.). How will these trend influence new business development and investment overseas.

4 Leading Suppliers

Identifies leading suppliers, their market share, why they are dominant, their strategic approach to the market, their position in overseas markets and other key features of these leaders.

5 Distribution Channels

How does the market function to distribute products from manufacturers to customers? Are the same channels used for overseas markets and how does this system contribute to market growth.

6 Trade Statistics

Indian import and export volume, value and historical trends, trade issues and duties.

7 Industry Organisations

Key Industry/Market Associations, Trade Publications, Trade Shows and Exhibitions and Export Promotion Groups.

8 Custom Topics

Addresses additional market information requested by client. Can include greater details on above topics or other issues.

Price proposal on request.